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    I shall enquire for you.
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    The Loss Of Someone Good.

    Today I found out about the loss to our Painting community of Cathy Wappel. My sympathies go to James and their family. I only had limited communication with Cathy, but we had a lot of mutual friends. May her memory be a blessing.
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    Today my father is NINETY YEARS OLD. Despite the MANY hospital trips due to falls and other stuff he’s made it this far. Fran & I are his full time carers as he lives with us since the start of the Covid lockdowns, which is why I’m not as ‘visible’ on the forums as I used to be...
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    I’m still here…

    Although I might be kinda quiet at the moment I’m still checking in daily. Life been throwing a few curveballs (or Random orbital decaying debris) my way. Nothing huge to be worried about just TIME CONSUMING. I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. OH. That Light!
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    Watching Paint Dry

    So a month on and she’s almost finished.
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    Watching Paint Dry

    Well I’ve not had a Hairy Stick in my mit for almost a year, thanks to Covid and looking after Dad..(long story but can’t leave him for 10 minutes some days before he’s rejecting being vertical). Managed to get some ‘quality time’ recently I'm pretty well pleased with this lady. Amelia Fade...
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    Oh my goodness………..

    ……………………It’s not a Dragon. What is this the end of the world? Nope it’s a present for a friend. 12 hours to print…Oi Vay. And I’m letting it cook (I.e. extra cure) in the sun. Yea I know Sun in October in the UK…crazy.
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    Spam spam spam because there was an awful lot of it today. (OK it’s Monday and I’ve not had coffee yet.) Opened my email 27 different spam emails..2 spammers on here……..Caffeine here I come.
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    Watching Paint Dry

    And yet another one. Say hello to Baastharox, one of a new dozen I’m about to print. Dunno when I’ll get to paint it.
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    Testing for picture inclusion.

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    Testing for picture inclusion.

    Test Test Test
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    So the truth is out.

    Someone has uncovered my secret.
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    I have a new BABY..

    Words fail me. I’ve been the recipient of some generosity in the past. Today...I’m kinda stunned as you can tell. Chris Wheeler
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    Blatant self Second book is available.

    Yes that’s right I’ve finally managed to get my second book up on Amazon for Kindle. Same characters, different situations and this is all short stories. It’s taken nearly two years with re-writes, scrapped attempts and having to drop everything to go look after the ‘Disaster Monkey’ that my...
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    Seasonal Greetings...

    A little different from my usual “Bah Humbug” mentality. 2020 being the Dire year it has been, here’s a little Dragon to cheer you all up. PLEASE REMEMBER A DRAGON IS FOR LIFE NOT JUST FOR CHRISTMAS. (Original art by Anne Stokes, coloured pencil by me.)
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    A Big Change!

    Well after having my Dad stay with us while shielding and lockdown for four months, he decided he wanted to go back to Newcastle. He managed a Fortnight before his 4th visit to hospital this year! (15th in the last 5 years) So that’s finally convinced him that he’s not managing on his own...
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    A few new submissions from Me.

    I've been struggling with my Camera. (She's getting old and beginning to show a couple of faults.) But still managed to take a few snaps this morning.
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    A user has been banned for harassment.

    All members of this site will be aware that the terms and conditions of usage of this site forbid harassment of any sort. This includes coming from another site to continue any argument. IT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. The user involved who was followed from another site reported the Private...
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    Experiments in 3d printing...

    Ever since I bought the Dragon from this thread:- I’ve been tinkering to get the settings right to do the Baby justice (and swearing A LOT!!!!!) Finally happy with where I’m at so showing this off as an example...
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    Getting old....

    Just turned 64. So while visiting my dad this last weekend I wasn't sure if it was the Floorboards in his house creaking or my Knees. Watching woodworking YouTube videos has become fascinating. Finding that when I stand up after any length of time sat down, Gravity makes itself known to my...
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