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    She needs your help!(badly-named thread, should be \"What do you read\")

    Yes, Ipaintminis needs your help... Considering the number of posts she has, she surely wants to be a senior beforesummer ends... Well, by exhuming old threads, you too can help her lol So, this is it: What have you read (and liked)recently? I count on Steve to bring us the link to the old...
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    Need some feedback/advices

    Hi all, I wanted to have your impressions on this... So what do you think of it?
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    Anyone coming to the French Golden Demon?

    Hi all, I was just wondering who among you all is planning to come / participate to the French Golden Demon... For those who don\'t know, it will be on the 25th April, at the Stade de France... Tickets will be on sale by the 5th January...
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    Reaper paints?

    Hav you tried the \"Silk & Satin\" series from Reaper? How is it?
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    Naming a diorama...

    This is somewhat related to the \"Chocolate Lesbians\" thread... Maybe you have seen this : My problem is that I don\'t like its title. Could you gimme some help? :)
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    The Slayer Sword...

    I wanted to know... What is the Slayer Sword for you? No, I know it\'s a big sword and all... lol I mean, is it a \"Best of Show\" Award, or an award given for the work showed over the years?
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    Who will be at the German Golden Demon

    Hi all, As I\'m going to the German Golden Demon,I just wanted to know who will be there...
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