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    Making waves

    Hi all so I have a nice big dragon to paint up... I want to build the base up so that it looks like the ship is sinking in a choppy sea. What would you folks use for that? Any good tutorials you'd recommend. I have plans to put a few...
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    looking for minis - sailors and a dragon rider

    Hi folks I am looking for the following miniatures: 1. A characterful rider for a Creature Caster Emperor dragon's howdah, the base size is only 20 mm square and there isn't much wiggle room for something that overlaps that. Human, inhuman, anything goes. 2020-06-29_04-25-52 by Jo Dale, on...
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    Looking for riders for my Dragons

    Help me find some really characterful riders for my creature caster dragons! Ideally, reptilian or furry, (but other options considered) preferably that I can pick up separately from their usual mounts. They can either be standing or in a riding pose as I can use either the saddle option or the...
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    The Armoured Dragon Ral Partha

    Just started working on this classic kit, doing the dragon as a white dragon..
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    Looking for a tall, 40mm round display plinth

    Can anyone in the uk recommend somewhere? Ideally wooden?
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    Most difficult model to assemble?

    What has been your most difficult model to assemble out of the box? Mine has to be Ral Partha's The Conflict. For those unaware of this classic model, it's a diorama consisting of two dragons locked together in combat. I believe there were at least two variants of this kit. The one I got was all...
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    H : chaos space marine predator W: reaper bones dragon or other dragon? :)

    Hi anyone in need of a chaos predator? I would like to swap it for a reaper bones dragon, either death sleet, Kaladrax, wyrmgear or I would consider other dragons, preferably one I don't have already, like the ultraforge one, or any of the dark sword ones, Lol! I am in the uk. :) I also have a...
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    Reaper miniatures Ebonwrath

    Hi folks, so I am working on ebonwrath at the moment. Officially, he is a black dragon, as he very much reflects the art work of Todd Lockwood form WOTC D&D range. But I didn't want to do him as a simple black dragon, because I already have the official old metal WOTC Black dragon from their...
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    Wish I could justify buying this: Chicken Dragon on eBay!

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    Pacific Rim

    Anyone seen this? I would love to get my hands on some kaiju minis :).... Does anyone know if there will be a line based on this film or resin kits or anything? :)
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    Roll call- so who's. Still around and what have you all been up to recently?

    So, yep I'm painting again! Another dragon no less, but during my periods of hiatus from painting I'm usually either off travelling, or working on a photo book of my previous trip. So I last went away in march to India. Just recently got a couple of photo journals produced from that trip and my...
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    Looking for inspiration- enormous metal dragon :)

    Hi folks, Haven't been around much since Cang as I've been focused on other things. But once Christmas is over I might see if I can progress my "enormous metal dragon". So any thoughts on how I should paint this beast up? I was thinking of going with some kind of bright colour scheme, maybe...
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    Introducing Cang the Improbable AKA Glowing Moorwen Dragon of Dooom (TM)

    Hi folks, She's finally finished, Cang the Improbable (also known as Cang the implacable) Coolminiornot's enormous dragon of doom!!! So I was inspired by Outlander's Moorwen in painting this dragon. and found some interesting UV reactive paints. For those not familiar with the film Outlander...
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    Anyone looking for a Citadel Great Spined Dragon??

    There's one on Ebay and the price is only....... £200 starting bid. or BIN for £280.. :D Too rich for me...
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    For Sale (maybe) Two 1985 grenadier box sets Spectral Dragon and Sea Dragon

    Hi all I have today picked up from my local gaming store two boxed Grenadier Dragons from 1985. These are the Spectral Dragon and the Sea Dragon. The spectral dragon needs stripping down and re painting. The sea dragon is untouched but one of the lizardmen/sea devil figures has had the end of...
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    Looking for a sitting figure and a boat

    Hi folks, Can anyone point me to a figure or two in 28mm scale, the idea I have is they are on a small boat out at sea and look rather pannicky. I'm looking at maybe using this little boat...
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    Moonlit scenes

    Hi all, another question. Has anyone got any pics, tuturials or links to dioramas of moonlit buildings such as towers, castles etc? Thanks Jo
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    Anyone had success with Glow in the dark or UV reactive paint?

    Has anyone here had any success in using actual glow in the dark or UV reactive paints? I have a plan for a dragon and want to see if anyone has any similar experience?? Thanks Jo
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    Want!!!!!! :d Hellooooo!!!! :) Guess what I'm buying....
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    Mini IDs needed

    I've decided to have a clear out of some of my old figures that I know I'll never get round to painting. But there's some that I can't work out who made them! Any help greatly appreciated: Dragon 1 P1460404 by kittykat23uk, on Flickr Dragon 2 P1460406 by kittykat23uk, on Flickr P1460409 by...
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