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    Default votes doesn't count

    I saw that newest pictures does not update score or votes number, are alwais with 1 vote, but i voted some minis this morning and they are till with one vote. I update some new minis too yesterday and they already have 1 vote. maybe a bug?

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    I am having issues too, I logged in thismorning all excited now Cmon is back up and voted on about 20 or so pictures but since then the smae pictures are just repeating themselves in the same order and the vote count is not going up.
    There is the occaisional pic appearing that is fresh but the majority today are just rolling around in the same order.

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    It should be working now, I turned off the automated tasks for a while.

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    Nope sorry I still keep getting the same images that I voted on thismorning and there vote counts are still showing up as the same too.

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    Well just after I posted this message I went back and started scrolling through again and now I am getting different images to the same ones I was getting earlier so i take back my previous comment as it seems to be working okay now.

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