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Thread: CMON is not Honoring My Pledge

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    Default CMON is not Honoring My Pledge

    Kinda disappointed that I supported the KS. I was totally in the moment and pledge at the Secret Template level, but looks like I've been informed by Mike that CMON will not publish the next Sedition Wars, and I need to work it out with CMON. Unfortunately, the respond from CMON is pretty lame....they are said that the order have been shipped so no refund. Anyone else have this issue????

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    I am missing the point of this post. Is it: That you paid money into the Kickstarter, received your game, and since there is no further support of the Sedition Wars game, that you would like to return your game for a refund?

    can you please be a lot clearer in your question?

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    I don't really get it either.
    You pledged, got the minis, but want a refund because the game is dead and not supported? Won't work and has no basis.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Not sure what you want since all of the games were shipped 2+ years ago.

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    I too was disappointed in the Sedition Wars KS, but still felt I was given what I was owed.

    The game didn't pan out to be what it could have been, but that's just water under the bridge. If they delivered on the goods, then I don't see the basis for a refund, at all.

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    If I'm reading this correctly tidra650 pledged $2000 to have himself sculpted into a character in future sedition wars content (secret template pledge level). If this is correct I think he has a pretty good reason to complain.

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    Oh, I see. If they didn't deliver on the promise, then I do understand his complaint.

    I guess I didn't understand what Secret Template Pledge Level was.

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