Need help to sculp a Force/Void Shield with Vallejo clear water
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Thread: Need help to sculp a Force/Void Shield with Vallejo clear water

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    Default Need help to sculp a Force/Void Shield with Vallejo clear water

    I would like to make reality my idea of my Leviathan Dread absorbing a barrage of enemy fire from its flank while dealing with some enemies on he front. Something similar to Independence Day, when the shield only reacts(visible) when hit.

    I have no idea on how to create a clear wall to works as the void shield, my main idea is to use Vallejo clear water, but I have never worked with it before, not sure if it will dry solid enough to uphold itself, second is I will need o use a semi circle surface to apply and then level it next to the leviathan, do I need to take apply anything on the surface I will be using as base or will the Vallejo clear water stick to it?

    Thanks for your comments in advance

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    I'm sure someone will pipe in here with an intelligent answer but have you thought about cutting up a Citadel mini blister back, you could mould it with heat to make it into a shape then paint the back of it with the colours you want to leave the gloss side, you might want to key the back of it up with some really fine paper, 1200 wet or dry paper would work so your paint sticks.
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    Try finding a shallow circular dish and a sheet of clear styrene.
    Place styrene on top of dish and either use hairdryer or hot water to melt the styrene down onto the dish.
    Cut to edge of dish for circle.
    Cool/chill and paint where needed to show impacts.
    For high gloss effect use Humbrol Clear allowing 24 hours to dry.
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    Thanks for the reply, 2 good ideas and materials I have not think working with, will give it a try with both

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    Just browsing the gallery and saw this. Perhaps it might be a useful reference:

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    Take a look at this:

    Like the author states, you don't need to make it red.

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    Thats an cool idea and some good answers.

    You only want the flank to "light up" right?

    I would go with the plastic piece and "Humbrol Clear" (just looked this stuff up, never heard of it, it looks amazing).
    I would sand the borders razer thin so the shield goes over into the air. That would create the illusion that you only see a part of the shield.

    I do own Vallejo clear water and i do not think it can support itself.

    @drakefyre Thats some very good looking liquid but i think the author did not scale it good.
    The drops are to big in generell. She has the blood of an entry human on her sword oO. That said, i think he did it with intent for the over brutal comic effect.

    Please post the result when you are done.
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    check this piece out, ;
    not sure if the painter is still active as this is a few years old but yeah for inspiration at least
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    @SkyletterS Yes I saw that mii before and it is totally the same concept/effect I want.

    @anotherpainter Thanks for feedback on the Vallejo clear water, Humbrol clear looks amazing to give that clear finish.

    Currenty I'm working on my main army, I'm still new to warhammer 40k and testing different techniques while building my army, this is for project I want to start on April/May, when I feel more familiar with my painting skills and ready for my first diorama. Meanwhile I will try every tips provided to see different results.

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    Post your results! I'd love to see how they come out.

    Good luck.

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    I would use a maybe slightly curved tupperware, line it with parchment paper, and use a clear apoxy to get the shield. You'd of course cut it down and file it to the shape that you'd prefer. That way you could also add a splash of color to it so you get the attack effect you were describing.

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