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Thread: Korkki's WIP Log.

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    Love the orc and that troll is looking really good as well! I really like Mortarion's wings, they are looking great against the green armor.

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    Thank you guys for all your comments!

    Quote Originally Posted by Kretcher View Post
    Hi out of curiosity does the text on the orc banner mean something specific? is it Finnish?
    It means: F*ck you Evles! In Finnish.

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    After thinking hard about repainting Mortarions wings, last weekend I had a few beers and decided to just do it.
    Still a work in progress but the general idea is there.
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    Had a couple of hours to spare so I continued my troggoth. I´m very pleased how it is turning out.
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    The transitions to the pink in the skin is nice.

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    Very cool! The blue contrasting with the pink looks excellent! Smooth work

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    Troggoth looks great! Can't wait to see the finished version of Morty's wings

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    Its been a while..
    But I just got one of my Rockgut Troggoths done like two days ago. Mortarion is also done soon. I’ll post some pictures soon.


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    Here is a closeup picture of my Mortarion, few minor tweaks and he's done too.

    Name:  MortarionLähi.jpg
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