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Thread: FR: Confrontation (Rackham) selling minifigures and cards

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    Default [FOR SALE] FR: Confrontation (Rackham) selling minifigures and cards

    Hello there,

    I'm selling many minifigures (paint or not) from the game "Confrontation":
    (Note, cards are in FRENCH, shipping cost not include and shipping cost may be higher if it from a foreign country)
    -Managarm (+Korgan+special card): 35€Name:  Picture 62330.jpg
Views: 130
Size:  312.1 KB Name:  Picture 62332.jpg
Views: 122
Size:  381.7 KBName:  Picture 62369.jpg
Views: 125
Size:  498.9 KBName:  Picture 62364.jpg
Views: 126
Size:  431.2 KB
    -Shurat 35€:Name:  Picture 62328.jpg
Views: 118
Size:  343.7 KB Name:  Picture 62363.jpg
Views: 125
Size:  436.8 KB

    -Master Sulfur and his red troll: 35€
    Name:  Picture 62326.jpg
Views: 120
Size:  372.9 KBName:  Picture 62362.jpg
Views: 119
Size:  401.1 KBName:  Picture 62361.jpg
Views: 123
Size:  434.8 KB
    -Yh Sabahal: 25€ Name:  Picture 62355.jpg
Views: 115
Size:  545.9 KB Name:  Picture 62356.jpg
Views: 114
Size:  360.1 KB
    (one wing is missing on one of his minions)
    -Ogre 20€: Name:  Picture 62310.jpg
Views: 111
Size:  342.0 KB
    -Wolfen predatorsx2 + animae (30€):Name:  Picture 62360.jpg
Views: 117
Size:  377.6 KBName:  Picture 62359.jpg
Views: 117
Size:  469.3 KB
    -Shaman orc on Brontops 20€: Name:  Picture 62318.jpg
Views: 118
Size:  365.4 KB

    I also have: Syd of Kaiber (+all artefacts)+Cry Havoc's Nelfaell card (Myragir artefact card)+Mehol's card+legendary artefact card (sacred flame): 13€
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    Buying Yh-Sabahal the Winged Fury, sent PM

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