Returning after a short 25 year hiatus. First subject: D&D Displacer beast!
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Thread: Returning after a short 25 year hiatus. First subject: D&D Displacer beast!

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    Default Returning after a short 25 year hiatus. First subject: D&D Displacer beast!

    Hi all,

    I have decided to start painting minis once again.
    I have ordered a few of the necessary supplies (Vallejo paints, some low end brushes, a wet palette, medium, primer).

    I stopped at the local hobby store in Mooresville, NC and came across a few minis.
    I decided that the D&D Displacer Beast will be my first attempt!

    Pics to come soon.

    My plan is to first build my station. (lots of work to do there)
    And then prime using rustoleum white and a black to do that method I forgot the name, where white is on top.
    I have some ideas after that, but we will see. I am thinking a base with lava and rocks.

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    Coming along nicely I think.
    Since this pic, I increased the contrast more on the skin by adding yellowish highlight details.
    Took a first stab at lava stream also, though you can't see it in this pic.

    This is truly a great hobby, such fun.

    I have lots to practice to do. Brush technique is ok. I guess I need to watch more videos on painting technique.

    Also, I can't make dark red / maroon to save my life with my current paints. I assumed red + black would get me a nice crimson red. I just keep getting brown!

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    Thanks for reposting here! The progress looks great, keep it up!

    I'm not the greatest painter, but here are my thoughts on mixing a darker red:

    The problem with black is that it is never truly black, it could be a warm black (shifting to brown, like burnt umber), or a blue black (such as Payne's gray).
    So the black is affecting the tint of the red, instead of just making it darker.

    If you have a darker purple, may try mixing that in instead with the red, or maybe a dark green.
    Dark green will move the red more neutral.

    Failing that, grab some crimson ink from FW. It is not very opaque, but that means it layer really well.

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    I suck at blending and gradients. That is where I will focus on next.
    Thank you for the insight!

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