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    I am quite confused reading the character cards from this expansion. Almost all of them say that " May not be included in an army that includes the Rainbow Guard". Well they are the Rainbow guard with the tray and everything, so how they cannot be included ??? Or does it mean you cant spread them across your other armies as attachments ? This makes no sense to me. Someone please clarify. Thanks

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    It's simply mean you can not use each individual characters as attachments in your army if you include the rainbow guard as whole unit.

    If you want include one of them in a unit (for exemple add Bryce Caron in a unit of warden) you can not take the rainbow guard as unit, and the reverse.

    Of course, if you chose to include the whole rainbow gard as unit you don't get the bonus of each members, the individual power of each member applies only when they are take as attachments in an other unit. The only attachment of the rainbow guard is Renly himsef.

    Hope it can help you
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