Davy Jones (Pirate Captain) Bust 1/6th
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Thread: Davy Jones (Pirate Captain) Bust 1/6th

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    Default Davy Jones (Pirate Captain) Bust 1/6th

    Always been a big pirate fan but who on here who would like a copy of H2 Creative's Davy Jones (Pirate Captain) bust? I've been in contact with the maker and the original mold has long since been retired due to wear. However he will recast it if I manage to get together 10 or more people to justify him making a new mold. Price would be $75 shipped within the US and postage rate to other countries would be variable.

    Anyone who is 100% interested please let me know via PM. Size of bust is approx 1/6th scale so a big chunk of resin.

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