A Big Change!


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Well after having my Dad stay with us while shielding and lockdown for four months, he decided he wanted to go back to Newcastle.
He managed a Fortnight before his 4th visit to hospital this year! (15th in the last 5 years)

So that’s finally convinced him that he’s not managing on his own (like we’ve been telling him for ages.) so he’s taken us up on the offer to live with us.

So as of Today there’s three of us, one part time cat, occasional dog Visitors and a couple of hundred Dragons in this house.

Good job I’m well stocked up on coffee.
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honestly when I saw "big change" I thought you were going to say you no longer care for dragon models and are switching to something else like ponies or gnomes.
Glad to hear your father took you up on your offer as it is always good to have family around.
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