Agis Marvel Zs


What can I say, I like Marvel Superheroes for roughly 50 years now, I also liked the Marvel Zombie comics and I like Zombicide, so backing this Kickstarter was - for me - a no-brainer.

I received my core box just before Christmas 2022, so time to paint some Super Zs! Below is the hungriest of them all - the Hulk!

Zombie Captain America joins the fight!!!

Also an incredible gory mini, lots of details, like the ripped off Winter Soldier arm or Hydra logo on the base.

Iron Man!

And the rest of the Zombie "heroes" - Captain Marvel, Deadpool and Wasp.

I played 3 games and I am very happy with the rules.
IMO the best Zombicide Version so far! Consequently I will need more painted minis...

more pics on my site:
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