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Alkemy is a skirmish game in a medieval fantasy universe. The game was created by Allan Carrasco, Jeremy Bonamant Teboul and Josselin Moreau, they created Kraken Editions company. The game was released in France in late 2007 and was a big success, he had been released in English version too, with some success in England, Germany and the United States. Unfortunately, Kraken Editions has stopped its activity in September 2010. Studio 38 company took over the game license in March 2011 and continued development for 12 years.

We are back on the English speaking market, in a big way! Covid hit our foreign customer base pretty hard but we now have a designated translator and we just successfully launched our second edition in France (May 2022) and in English (coming next January). Our entire range is being overhauled to get the English translations up to snuff as well.

Speaking of January... Something wicked this way comes...

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The awakening is the key to free you. As long as you don’t live with your dream within you, you are a facile doomed to submissiveness.

We don’t know yet whose « foot » it is, but looks like it has score settle with the Empire of the Jade Triad (by smashing them probably), What do you think ?

We also have a Discord server with an English Speaking channel. Don't hesitate to come say hello!

If you want to know more about Alkemy:
Website :
Online Store :
Youtube Chaneel :
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Facebook page :
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