Avatars of War- Kickstarter: Legendary Multi-part Minotaur Regimen


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Hi everyone, I hope this post find you well,

My name is Ignasi and I am in charge of the physical division at Avatars of War, which means I am responsible for translating creations from the digital realm to a tangible masterpieces.. A touch of alchemy!

I would like to introduce you and let you know that we have launched a Kickstarter campaign: Legendary Multi-part Minotaur Regiment

I want to emphasize that this campaign is exclusive to the Kickstarter community, and these miniatures in physical format will only be available through this platform

Here is a link to the campaign in case you want to take a look:


Portada Bona JPG PETIT.jpg
Introduccio JPG (1).jpg
Comparativa render vs siocast 2JPG.jpg
PUMU Minos PETIT.jpg

Ignasi Ferrer
AoW Forja física



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