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Morning from the UK!

Apologies if this has been answered (can't seem to find a definitive answer though..) - when moving zombies and all survivors are inside and no line of sight to them, do the zombies walk towards the nearest noise even though there is no open door. If so, do they just wait by that door or if there is an open vault which is further away to get to the survivors do they head towards that?

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The irony of "necroposting" within the Zombicide forum thread is not lost on me - BUT - as a relatively new player to this longtime series I was a little relieved to see that I share this same query with magicmanpaul and I'm not the only one unsure of the zombie phase movement rules in these instances.

This is particularly an issue with vault travel into a building with sealed doors, effectively "warping" across an entire gameboard within the security of closed doors, understanding that even in the absence of "sound" the survivors themselves are considered a sound token are they "loud enough" to draw zombies in through the vault through the other side of the map into the otherwise closed building, or do they simply mill about and pile up outside the walls and closed doors nearest the loudest group of survivors within that building?

It becomes particularly apparent within Mission 1 in Black Plague as a point of reference. Will upload image for reference to clarify in the hopes some resident Zombicide expert can confirm one way or another :p


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The rules explain perfectly:

1: Zombies select their destination Zone.• First is the Zone with Survivors in Line Of Sight that has the most Noise tokens.Remember, each Survivor counts as a Noise token.• If no Survivor is visible, they move toward the noisiest Zone.In both cases, distance doesn’t matter. A Zombie always goes for the noisiest meal he can see or hear.

2: Zombies move 1 Zone toward their destination Zone by taking the shortest available path. In case there are no open paths to the noisiest Zone, Zombies move toward it as if all doors were open, though locked doors still stop them

If there's a way for a zombie to get to the noise, they will walk toward it, no matter if they have to go into a Vault to get to the survivors.
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