[Bloodborne] how exactly do respawning mission enemies work?


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Card 5 of The Long Hunt spawns an Enemy that gets further buffed by Card 6, as well as fog gates. The Mission is completed by slaying the enemy, but the card also says the Enemy respawns on reset. The "Advancing through the Hunt" secretion of the rules states: "Once [a Mission step with special rules/instructions] is completed, any tokens or special rules generated by that Mission must be discarded, unless otherwise specified by the next Mission card."

The respawn on reset is a special rule and should thus be discarded once the Mission is completed by killing the Enemy, if I understand this correctly. So the enemy only respawns if it hasn't been killed yet? Is this only intended to heal it and return it to its original space on reset? Isn't that already covered by the "Respawn all Enemies related to Missions" step in "Advancing the Hunt and resetting the map" rule section? Or is that step just a reminder to do what the cards say?

Or is the Enemy supposed to respawn after death? If so, does it get buffed by card 6 again?

I was unsure about how to proceed, but after writing all this down, I'm fairly sure the Enemy is supposed to stay dead.


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I interpreted the same situation as you did, however after I watched some videos of people, they interpreted that as fighting the mob twice. So now I'm back to square one in trying to understand how to play that situation
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