Experiments in 3d printing...


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Ever since I bought the Dragon from this thread:-

I’ve been tinkering to get the settings right to do the Baby justice (and swearing A LOT!!!!!)

Finally happy with where I’m at so showing this off as an example of what’s possible with the right settings.
A Chapel window from the Doges Palace in Venice scaled to 28mm for use with a figure.

View attachment 78195

So with that in mind I’ve got a FEW of my favourite creatures lined up ready to Rock and Roll.
(OK so printing times going to take a while as one of the wings clocks in at 16 hours...........might not tell Fran I’m aware of that.


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I was going to say that I was surprised that you’d printed the Decimator vertically, but then realised it might not have fit on the bed.
I’ve taken to printing as much as I’d possible in the horizontal plane as it seems to give (keep) slightly better detail.

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The Star Wars stuff fits on the bed fine but I cut it in half and printed vertically so there was no need for supports.

Print the Decimator horizontally and you’d get heaps of stepping on the dome and angled wings. Much better printed like this.
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