Getting old....


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Just turned 64.

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So while visiting my dad this last weekend I wasn't sure if it was the Floorboards in his house creaking or my Knees.
Watching woodworking YouTube videos has become fascinating.
Finding that when I stand up after any length of time sat down, Gravity makes itself known to my Bladder.
Realised that Osteo-Arthritis is a pain in the:-
Middle digit
But thankfully not the Ass.
Realising that a Double Espresso doesn't do anything to keep me awake after 9 p.m.

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Now when I tie my shoelaces I always have a look around to see if there’s anything else needs doing while I’m crouched down ;)


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don't hesitate to ask if you need any help functionally! I'm in physical therapy school and am more than willing to help :)


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Silmarillion, thanks but despite the inevitable ageing process I’m in pretty good shape health wise.
Which considering the abuse this body of mines had is a bit surprising.


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I manage aging services for a city in the Bay Area, CA and can now make "we" statements when speaking at various senior centers.
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