Identify a few things (some reaper?)


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I think these are reaper but from what game or do they have any lore?


These came with Epic 40K stuff, but aren't GW I think, any ideas?



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from left to right (all reaper minis):
- Sir Malcolm, Crusaders Sergeant
- Sir Broderick, Crusaders Captain
- Duke Gerard, Crusaders Warlord
- Sir Conlan, Crusaders Sergeant
- Finari, Crusaders Hero

dwarf in the middle:
- no idea, went through the reaper catalogue and can't find any where the pose-weapon-shield-help match, so maybe a dwarf from some other company?

the 2 planes... while they could be used in epic, but I don't think they were made for it. And yes, definitely not GW figures.
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