Last Stand of Nuln (Gold Diorami - italian GD 2011)


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hi all,
this is the second project i doing with the world master of sculpt Mariano Numitone. was a very difficult 54mm project that give me opportunity to study a lot of things.

i have to thanks a lot Mariano Numitone Numi, for this other opportunity: painting your piece is the dream that all painters in the world have, for me is the nirvana my friend! hope this collaboration contue agai and again and again.

i will try to do some tutorial article about this piece, so for now i don't' say nothing especial, but for all comments of feedback or request i'm here for you.


full scene:

for the very bigger pictures check on legioPictorum:

in the next few days here you can find also the green pictures.

hope you like, and all your comments are really appreciate.

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Beautiful work! And congratulations on the award! I was fortunate enough to be at Euromilitaire and could see your other collaboration work on display there. Again, a stunning piece of work. Interesting to see Mr Numitone venture into this area of modelling. :) Keep up the good work!


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Stunning work esp. on the banner. Wow! Any chance of a discussion about how you paint the black cloth? Really like the boots on the dead man as well.


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thank you for your word.

the black work is all around the atmosphere i search for the piece: i want that the read jump out, like some blood squirrel. for this i put a lot of "greenish" touch on the black and gray part using the complimentary of the reds for the best contrast possible.
for this i choose a "oil dark black green" for the clothes.

for obtain this effect i use a black very matt (andrea)
an english uniform (andrea, because for the clots you have to be matt!!)
a marron caqui vallejo for reduce the green if became too strong (it must rest "black" not became "green")
for the light i use a medium flesh vallejo and an ivory

for suggest the black i say always that the very important thing is that you have to conserve your light more "little" are possible and extend the shadow areas.
in effect withe and black are not very different: the first is all light and thin shadows, the blac is thin light and all shadows... :p
hope is understandable and useful




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I love the emotion that the limited palette of colours evokes. Tremendous planning and execution in sculpt and paint....beautiful,



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Beautiful. Nice limited palette and very good technique combined with great sculpting and a very dynamic scene. A well deserved gold and terrific work all round. Congratulation!

I think the freehand is sharp and well painted and I think the banner works great as a centerpiece. I however think the other freehands takes a bit too much attention for my liking, at least in these photos. They are very contrasted and the painted lightsource on the freehand is too prominent and stylised. It's a little bit like that you nowadays paint more realistic and with a lightsource but have kept the way you did freehands and haven't changed that style to fit with your evolution. This works, as I said, great for the banner as a centerpiece but less so for other freehands in my opinion.

On the other hand that kind of freehands are some kind of signum for your work, so maybe you should keep it. :) Not like it drags it down too much... couldn't vote much else then a 10 on this. ;)
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