Marvel Zombies Trait card questions


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A number of Trait cards have text that makes it seem as if they have to get discarded even if I don't want to use them:
Insatiable: "Discard after attacking..." Does that mean the card has to be discarded if I attack during a turn regardless of whether or not I want to use the card?
Taunt: "Discard during your turn. ..." On my next turn after getting the card, does it have to be discarded regardless of whether it's used?
Self-cannibalize: "Discard and suffer 1 wound during your turn..." Again, taken literally, does this mean I get a wound and discard the card on the turn following receiving the card?

This goes on and on. I don't think the card wording is meant to discard the card if the player doesn't want to use it. That's what the literal reading of the cards states. This isn't explained in the rules or FAQ. If that's the intent, the cards aren't overly useful.


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On the manual, page 13, it says: Zombie Traits have powerful effects but are discarded after a single use.
You only discard them when you want to use them.
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