Mercenary ogre

Here is my latest project, Mordheim mercenary ogre. This ogre is slightly over 40mm tall.The model was heavily remastered by me. Yes, i know he looks the same to most of you, but if you familliar with original model, then you'll feel the difference.
You can see ol the WIPs on my Patreon acc.
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How are there no comments glorifying this piece? Nakatan has really impressed lately. Possibly my new favorite #1 all time


Really amazing job. The texture on the clothes and skin is :shock:. The subtle look of hair is unbelievably well done. Your use of light and texture together puts you on a whole nother level than us mere mortals.


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Superb - incredible textures on cloth and skin. I could look at the details for ages on this one, and will have another proper look again when I have some free time. Really inspiring
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