Missing Graphics on Zombifriday Missions

John Bobita

New member
I decided to download all the 2nd Edition and Undead or Alive Zombie Friday missions in order now that the website has been revamped. However I see that 2nd Edition missions 16, 18 and 25 have the text but are still missing the graphics. Don't know if anybody at CMON bothers to read these forum entries but it would be great to finally be able to play those missions. And this is from someone who has all three seasons of Classic Zombicide, 2nd Edition and Undead or Alive (full Kickstarter packages on all.) Love this game, it's the only one I play anymore (got the Western version just to play myself but my friends like it too.) Hoping that someone can take the time to fix these issues. Couldn't find any contact link so trying here. Thanks for such an awesome game.
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