My father... My destiny. Children of war part II


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Hi all,
This is my latest work:

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this is a project i'm thinking about for long time... when i finish my work "Save me... mon: Children of war" (the demonette with the little child, i think that in the future i can continue my reflection about "children and war" with another piece... so i think to do a "trilogy", with the same idea interprtate with different point of view and story...
ok i't difficult to explain for me in english, so i simple try... hope you understand

the idea of this scene is to represent father and son and the destiny of war, so the father is a tired warrior, sad and resigned about is tragic fate af war, and the child is in contrast with him because he is "happy" and proud to become like is father... so the child look at his future with proud eyes and dedication, father look at his future that is black, full of shadows, and he don't look his son, his past... no hope for the destiny of war...

in my idea you can also see this piece in a diffent two ways, that are the same "central idea" but with some changes...

1) the father is not here, is a projection of the child's soul, and hope, that look at this future and want to bacame strong as his eroes
2) there are not father and son, but are the same man, in the past and in the future, and both are blind... the young is blind about his fate, and the "old" man forgot his past

ok... i hope is understandable ahahaha is very absurd i know

the miniature are a conversion of the "Umbrian Warrior" from pegaso model (with the kuvar reaper sword), and the medieval child from pegaso, a little converted to be "like" the father...

comments are as always really wellcome.

p.s. The pictures have the problems that "flatting" the prospective effect and for that the child look oversized respect from the father, this is a true problem, infact the scale is a lillte different also if are all both 54mm but not so evident like seems in the pictures

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as you've written the kid look a bot oversized, especially in the head area. but anyway, this is by no doubts truly a masterpiece, very atmospheric.


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:claply: Have to agree with others - excellent work mate.
Actually (not even mention your amazing painting skills), after long time I saw a background picture adding even more depth to miniature itself. :good:


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Wonderful and I loved your daemonette piece too. I think you have explained the scene very well, so don't worry about your english :)

The painting is outstanding on this and your other scene; you manage to capture the far away feeling of the older figure in contrast to the bright enthusiasm of the child, who has probably been playing 'war' with his friends and can't wait to become a warrior himself. The bitter reality is in the father figure, who finally seems to understand the tragedy and futility of war. A very thought evoking piece.

Congratulations on two very inspired pieces. I look forward to seeing the closing chapter with your third piece :D

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Wow! I really love the way you blended everything. The tatoo on the back of the guy's heaad is really nice too.
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