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Old Man Logan's orange ability states "Each successful die roll..... scores +1 Hit for each Wound...." We are trying to clarify how to interpret the ability.

2 Wounds, Roll 2 Die and hit on both die. How much damage (hits) are dealt?

  • 6 Hits (+1 from each die rolled and +2 for each die that scored a hit from the orange ability) - This feels great and somewhat broken. At one health each successful die roll is 3 damage. With max power this could be up to 18 hits if you roll well.
  • 4 Hits (+1 from each die rolled and +2 for the total number of wounds) - This option just totals the die results and adds hits equal to the number of wounds. This doesn't feel as broken, but seems like the card would have been worded differently if this is what was intended.


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It says right there, "Each successful die roll."
So 2 hits with 2 die, and 2 wounds would be a total of 6 hits.
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