Next Level Miniatures Arrives on Kickstarter!


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Hello everyone!

We're very excited to introduce ourselves to the community. We're really having a great time with our first Kickstarter launch that features both generic fantasy miniatures and miniatures that represent creatures from the Rappan Athuk universe! We're already funded and knocking out stretch goals, and we'd love to hear from folks in this community as well.

Your all-in pledge will already get you 93 miniatures and counting for $80 US, and that number will surely grow by the time we're finished in three weeks.

We hope that you'll stop by, or ask us questions here, as we'd love to get to know the community and hopefully be able to provide some of you with what we believe is an amazing quality resin miniature at a fair price.

Thanks for reading, and we hope to hear from you! You can visit our Kickstarter HERE:

Some of the key details:
- Our goal is to produce high-quality resin miniatures at a fair price in North America to avoid shipping difficulties
-Our miniatures are 28mm in scale
-We use a thermoplastic resin that is highly resilient and has good flexibility, yet still takes paint exceptionally well
-We are already up to 93 minis for your $80 all-in pledge (and counting)
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