Pistol airbrush, good or bad idea ?


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Hey, I’m looking for my first airbrush. I have made a LOT of research about it but… I don’t find anything about these gun style airbrush (like the gp35 from sparmax). I would like your opinion, did your try it, what are advantages and inconvenients between a classic one and pistol one ? Why I never saw a mini painter using one, too much new or just too bad for our work ?

It feels like the movement is more linear and maybe less precise, even if it’s, like they say, « double action »

Thanks for your advice


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I don't own such an airbrush but as far as I know and as far as I've seen them, they're more cummon for bigger surfaces. So I don't know how well they behave for detail work.

But as someone who started with cheap Ebay Airbrushes myself I'ld advice you to not buy too cheap. A cheaper compressor is okay for the beginning as long as it can provide steasy pressure. When you airbrush a lot and like it you'll probably want to upgrade to a silent oil compressor.
The cheap guns kinda work but the main downside is spare parts are often not available and of course the materials are cheaper. Especially seals. Also the needle often isn't really centered well so when pulling back it opens the nozzle more on one side and less on another. That can lead to spitting,tip dry and or clogging in some cases.
A brush I can highly recommend is the IWATA Eclipse HP-CS. It's the airbrush I use most often by far. It can do nearly anything from priming or spraying large 1:35 model tanks to fine details on warhammer minis. It's very well manufactured, easy to clean since the nozzle is press fit and spare parts are affordable. Although it's the only airbrush I didn't need to change anything so far and I own mine for 4 years now. It is often refered to as "the workhorse" and I would fully sign that.
The trigger is super responsive and once you got used to it, it can spray very fine lines.

I also own a Infinity but on that one I kinda got the feeling that it has some kind of deadzone to the trigger and I can't reliably tell when it's gonna start spraying. It's also a nice brush and many people use it but since I got my Iwata I honestly haven't touched it for years. Same with my Badger Sota.

This is just my personal opinion. You might want to check some reviews and compare. I hope it helps you a bit.
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they are not bad, but I learned (both workshops and usage through the years) how to use the usual one, so I wouldn't want to have one and would use a HnS or Iwata in the future too.


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