Rackham matte


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Does anyone know specifically what Rackham painters (on their website and cards) use as a sealer if any?

My god those figures are dead flat. Theere\'s not a trace of gloss on there. Are they lightly dusted with flour or something?

I personally use Testor\'s Dull cote but even that leaves (sometimes) little gloss bits in the corner. Maybe I have to apply more than two coats?


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They don\'t use any sealer.
According to them, the reason their figures are so matte is that they extremely dilute their paints and don\'t apply them massively... Each time the brush goes on the figure, it spreads the paint on a large area.


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Very interesting!

This is the first I\'ve heard of that as a recomendation - it\'s so counterintuitive that it\'s just wild. (the not using sealant)

We used to beat up kids that didn\'t use a sealant. lol

(I know, I know it all depends on the use of the figure - display vs. gaming and all that)


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I don\'t know about Rackham, but I just started using sealer, and mine is flat like flatness itself (that sounded wrong...). That stuff is from a company called \"Marabu\" and is simply called \"Mattlack\" (Matt varnish). If you\'re interested, the english website is found under http://www.marabu.com
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