Three projects (1 of 3 is done)


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Part 1.

Orion, King-in-the-Woods, Master of the Wild hunt, the demi-god of Wood elves, the living avatar of god-hunter Kurnous. Absolutely gorgeous mini, I had a lot of fun spending the whole weekend painting all its crisp fine details. Thanks to Forest Dragon for this amazing work and Cromarty Forge as well for those shaggy hounds. Many thanks to Amy for her endless enthusiasm keeping the WHFB world alive in our hearts.

BTW this mini is on sale! PM me if you wish such great general for your 10mm army.

01 - IMG_2741 copy.JPG

02 - IMG_2739 copy.JPG

03 - IMG_2749 copy.JPG

04 - IMG_2747 copy.JPG


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A necromancer for undead armies, excellent for Vampire Counts. Good miniature, thanks Forest Dragon for the sculpt. It was pleasure to paint the spell and light reflections on the staff and the stone. Now I know how to do it for my spellsingers.

BTW this mini is on sale! PM me if you wish such great wizard for your 10mm army.






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