Very cool paintings


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Hehe...Flash has been at the Hooch again....

Originally posted by Trevor

What painted rocks posting? ???
I suspect Mr Man14 has you confused with Corvus...

Great illusions though...there are some very talented people out there earning even less than mini painters by the look of it. Oh, what am I saying...everyone earns less than minipainters:flip:


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Those are very cool.

I really love the dead fly. It is hard to believe that it is actually on the sidewalk, it almost looks like it is added via photoshop.....

amazing stuff.


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I saw people doing this in europe when I lived there... though putting chalk on the rainiest continent is not a good idea... :p

That\'s really a good use of forced perspective, because it\'ll only look right from one angle, he must put up a board with a hole that says \"look here\" to get the full effect.

Now, I ask you, how to use this in minipainting? Answer is: Dioramas. I have an idea for a city scape, but I don\'t want to make all the buildings, so I\'ll have to figure out how to angle the papr and make it look like it\'s goin back in space...

Oh, well.. see what an art education gets you? :p


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mmmmmmm hookah ... lol

I\'m sorry Trevor - I thought you submittted that one - When I started this one I took a quick glance and read the Last Post line instead.

Sorry squire! ...!


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the punishment is severe...

Making mistakes on the forums is indeed a grave offense.

Banish yourself to the painting table, and don\'t rest until you have 2 minis fully painted (including bases). (potty breaks are negotiable...)

The judges have spoken. There is no appeal. Submit.

Ok I changed my mind, before I like the dead fly the best, but now I am leaning towards the people trapped in the


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oi ... \'oose been a naughty boy ay?

heh - I can\'t wait to paint again. For those who have both a temporary paint station and more than one adolescent cat I feel for you. I just cannot be productive under those circumstances ....

That\'s like some Brer Rabbit/Tom Sawyer ruse innit? Oh please! Don\'t make me paint! Please!! Anything but that ...


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todays Tom Sawyer...


I will send a bunch of minis, and you \'whitewash\' em for me....It is a lot of fun, you will really like it. While you are at it, clean off the mold lines too.....

Meanwhile, huck and I are going to find Becky Thatcher....;)


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hey thats my name, well not the thacher part but the becky part...i actually like Becca, but i wont complain.

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