Where to buy large scale miniatures?


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Can you suggest where I might buy large scale fantasy, sci-fi or historical miniatures about 56mm scale? (I tried searching the forum and didn't find any answer)
Thank you


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54mm are not that common - the usual culprits are Andrea Miniatures and Pegaso, but they are mostly historical.

If you go to 75mm, you have lots of choice - Limbo Miniatures, Scale 75, Terrible Kids Stuff, Figone, Neko Galaxy, Galapagos, etc.


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depends on what you want and how legal you want.

some legal (+ all gohkm suggested):
- nocturnamodels (large fantasy mostly)
- Fer miniatures (mostly historical, some fantasy, some scifi)
- luxumbra miniatures (large infinity)
- pedroferndandez works (fantasy busts mostly)
- nutsplanet (fantasy busts, mix of large)
- scale75 (mix)
- jeremie Bonamant's figone
- you can also write to artists some are willing to sell copies of their sculpts

not so legal:
- Ebay sellers from china/russia (cpu_top_store has some great 3d printed originals too (and recasts from others))

sites that I use to find new sculpts (they may be out of stock, so ordering from there rarely works):
- shop.battlefield-berlin.de (they have 2nd hand spyglass/eolith minis now)
- fantasywelt.de
- el-greco miniatures
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