Xaro and Lance / Intrigue and Balon


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Xaros card states:
"This unit is treated as having -1 rank for Attack Dice."
Lance states:
" When Charging, rolls +2 Attack Dice for each remaining rank in this unit."
"Attack Dice" and "rank" seem to imply that the Lance rule is affected. Others say "Attack Dice" is restricted to the value listed in the Profile.

Balons "Rise again, Blade in hand" states:
"Once per game, when Balon activates, instead of Claiming a Zone, redeploy 1 p..."
When does that trigger?
When Balon activates, or when he claims the Zone.
In the first case Intrigue and Subterfuge will not be applicable. In the second it will prevent Balons ability to be used.

Please advice.
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