Zombicide 2nd edition Car rules


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I've just bought Zombicide 2nd edition and new to Zombicide.
I'm currently lost in the car rules.
1. For the fast drive action, can we move 1 zone instead of 2 zones e.g. edge of the game board reached?
2. For the fast drive action, I know it's not allowed to U-turn, but can we turn 90 degrees on the 2nd zone into another street.
3. Can we attack inside the car? If so, does the range attack friendly fire applies even when all survivors is in the car?
4. To pick up the pimp weapon in a pimp car, an additional action is needed after you enter the car?
5. Can we open a door while in a car?

Thanks in advance for everyone's help!


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1) if you move 1, you go slow, if you move 2, you go fast. you can't say you go fast for 1 zone of slow for 2 (although for this last one, you can use 2 actions to move twice 1 zone).
2) when going fast, only u-turns are not allowed, 90 degree turns are ok
3) Do you mean attack from inside the CAR? then yes, you can attack, nowhere does it prohibit this. If you attack the same zone as other survivors are, then friendly fire applies.
4) Rules page 32: Some missions instruct you to add a Pimpweapon Crate token on top of the Pimpmobile. These can be taken in the same way as Objectives, objectives take 1 action. Note, you don't need to enter the car to take the pimp weapon.
5) The rules don't say that you can't, so you can.
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