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Dragyri Ice Caste Faction Starter

Dragyri Ice Caste Faction Starter

Dragyri Ice Caste Faction Starter

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SKU# DAG02004

Product Description
The Dragyri of the Ice Caste are a force to be reckoned with in any theater of battle, but they excel most when they are charging in to crush their foes with mystically enhanced close quarters combat. The Spirit Lord of the Ice Caste is a powerful fighter as well as a skilled user of shamanic Ice magic leading a pair of axe-wielding Blizzards in honorable battle. Always nearby, ready to serve under the cracking whip of their Taskmaster, are a trio of useful-yet-expendable Spear Slaves. This 500 point starter box of the Dragyri Ice Caste are here, ready to be assembled and crush the opposition! COMPONENTS 1 Spirit Lord of Ice 1 Soul Searcher A 1 Blizzard A 1 Blizzard B 1 Taskmaster 3 Spear Slave 4 50mm bases 4 30mm bases, Dark Age unit cards 7 Ice Caste Psychogenics Cards
Additional Information
Scale 32mm

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