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Dragyri Wail (resculpt) (2)

Dragyri Wail (resculpt) (2)

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SKU# DAG2221

Product Description

Novice Air Caste warriors who show no talent for using their elemental Focus are directed towards the Tempest and Death’s Device cadres. Those who show some psychogenic talent are guided into the Wails. Over time, those Wails who excel on the battlefield and can survive long enough might even be elevated to the deliberately small and elite Cyclone corps.


• Highly detailed resin miniatures.

• These Wails would be a mid-level trooper in a Dragyri Air Caste warband.

• The Wails are specialists at de-buffing enemy models, using their chain whip or psychogenic ability to strip away Action Points and other characteristics. They are best paired with other Air Caste Trueborn like Cyclones or Tempests.


Blister pack contains: two (2) Air Caste Wail models, two (2) 40mm bases, and one Dark Age unit card.

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