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C.O.R.E. L1ghtbr1nger (2015 Immortals winner) (1)

C.O.R.E. L1ghtbr1nger (2015 Immortals winner) (1)

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Product Description


In the decade or so since the CORE AI was reawakened, it has been writing its own code to fill in the gaps left by the original programmers. As the CORE forces have encountered various factions across Samaria, they have reacted and the central AI has learned. Intrigued by the tenacity of humanity, the CORE AI has been “interviewing” captured Forsaken soldiers for years. Menial Bots have been scavenging battlefields for parts of the amazing Archangel suits, and the AI has been writing code that has led to a new kind of robot. The L1ghtbr1nger now stands at the forefront of the CORE forces, ready to use the “faith” of humans against them.



• Highly detailed resin miniature

• The L1ghtbr1nger would be a feature model in a CORE warband.

• The L1ghtbr1nger is the dark mirror image of the Forsaken Archangels. This brazenly terrifying robot is designed to shake the faith of humanity. It will be found in the front lines, delivering Panic counters left and right, cutting enemies down with its laser gaze, and generally breaking through defenses. The L1ghtbr1nger will be best supported by models that can capitalize on the discord it sows.

• The L1ghtbr1nger is the model based on the plans of Aaron Bohm, winner of the 2015 Immortals Tournament.



Blister pack contains: one (1) C.O.R.E. L1ghtbr1nger model, one (1) 40mm base, and one (1) Dark Age unit card.

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