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Outcast Brute Reinforcement Unit Box

Outcast Brute Reinforcement Unit Box

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SKU# DAG05022

Product Description

Brutes have been a big part of the Outcast frontier for centuries, and they come from various walks of life. Whether they choose to heft a slab of stone to smash their foes or collect straight pieces of rebar to hurl at them, they are brutal warriors. Even their demolitions specialists, the Wreckers, find a way to wield the unforgiving tools of their trade as a weapon.


1 Brute (Female)

1 Brute Wrecker

1 Brute Hurler A,

1 Brute Hurler B

4 40mm bases

3 Dark Age stat cards

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Additional Information
Scale 32mm

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