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Shael Han - Celestial Host

Shael Han - Celestial Host

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Product Description

For centuries the leaders of Shael Han have worked in concert with the many elemental forces flowing through Achrion. The Celestial Host are the ultimate manifestation of the agreements that have been struck, powerful Celestial spirits given corporeal form. From Monkey to Bear, from Snake to Elephant, there is a Celestial warrior for almost any task.


• Highly detailed plastic miniatures

• The Celestial Host is a mix of three different types of Rank 2 Infantry and a Rank 1 Leader for a Shael Han force.

• The warriors of the Celestial Host can fulfill a variety of roles on the tabletop. The Avatars of the Serpent are fast, elusive, and can strike without warning, while the Avatars of the Elephant ponderous and powerful, dangerously immovable objects if you will. The Avatars of the Bear are ferocious missiles, able to tear through a formation of massed troops, and the Avatar of the Monkey stands ready to parry incoming blows and deliver magical attacks.


Boxed set contains: one (1) Avatar of the Monkey model, two (2) Avatar of the Serpent models, two (2) Avatar of the Bear models, two (2) Avatar of the Elephant models, one (1) 30mm base, four (4) 40mm bases, two (2) 50mm bases, and two (2) Wrath of Kings unit cards.

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