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Skarrd Decay Cult Faction Box

Skarrd Decay Cult Faction Box

Skarrd Decay Cult Faction Box

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Product Description

Created in the aftermath of an atomic detonation, the Cult of Decay takes the power of mass destruction and mixes it with Mother Blazon’s psychogenic necromancy to create a teeming mass of undying things. Taking the Skarrd ideals of evolution to a point beyond the grave, those who serve the Decay Cult are awash in radiation, mutation, and a relentless mission to send all life to the Beyond.


1 Mother Blazon

1 The Marius Project

4 Fallout

2 Reapers

1 50mm base

7 30mm bases

4 Dark Age unit cards

1 Gift of Evolution Card

6 Decay Cult Psychogenics cards

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Scale No

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