Ejhin de Vanth

I painted this mini for Wyrd Miniatures' Rotten Harvest competition where I was lucky enough to win 'Best of show'. :) I have had this mini in my box for a long time but never get the inspiration to paint it. The reason was those huge horns and I had no idea what to do with them to make them look interesting. Finally, I got the idea to paint them as cracked stone and this idea made me really motivated to paint this mini, since I really love the sculpt.

Posted: 16 Nov 2005

9.2 /10 (129 Votes) 4.2k Views

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WOW, the cracks an the horns are great! And the color fade on the cloak is amazing!
1 Nov 2006
What a beautiful mini Anders...... you're a great painter!!! :)
27 Jun 2006 • Vote: 10
really love this mini and this is the best painted version of it i have seen.
22 Jun 2006 • Vote: 10
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