Dark Apostle Hierophaen

(this is a repost, with better pics.) This was my entry for the Australian Golden Daemon 2005. It is a chaos conversion based on the marine veteran with the axe, with a few leftover bits from other miniatures and some greenstuff. It won the 40k single miniature category, and much to my surprise and excitement, also won the slayer sword. Thanks again to everyone I met on the day at Parramatta, for their encouragement, good words and friendliness - it was great to finally meet you all!

Posted: 21 Feb 2006

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7 Nov 2008 • Vote: 10
Amazing piece of converting and painting,truly remarkable.Oozes malevolance and violence. GOD bless ........VINCENTI
11 Mar 2006 • Vote: 10
simon m.
One of my favourite minis on this site. IMPRESSIVE!
4 Mar 2006
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