Here is another one I painted for my friend's Alchemists of Dirz. He is meant to be underground, in the sewer pipes beneath the laboratory, although I'm not sure if the base captured this atmosphere.

Posted: 22 Feb 2006

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green stuff
I think you've gone farther on the base for the details than what you did on the Belisarius Clone and I find it very fitting :). Colorwise, it could have been darker IMHO, but the technic is flawless and bravo for the very convincing OSL.
23 Feb 2006 • Vote: 9
woww!!!! there are so many things i'm impressed with i dont know where to start! first thing that caught my eye was the mud and blood stains on the cloak. i can imagine how to do the light brown mud stains, but blood splatter/mists look great! the blood on the blue parts of his cloak look very realistic with the light brown compliment. the glow from the object in his hand looks great. not overdone. the metal ring jutting out midway on the sword handle is cool. i would have missed it and mistaken it for binding. some of the white triangles onn the back look like they've been shaded accordingly. very cool. the gold on the sword and scabbard bit is just the formula i've been trying to crack (like Rackham's Wandyr). the green oxidation looks well placed. the blue glow of his eyes is a very tasteful counter to the green glow in his hands. the green dripping from his little crossbow, very cool. the jade green oxidation on the well opening looks better than the scorpion green on the belisarius. hmm, a few 'trompe l'oeil' scrtached on the armour plates. very cool.
22 Feb 2006 • Vote: 10
What an awsome base! Nice to see some lighting effects as well. Keep doing what your doing.
22 Feb 2006 • Vote: 10
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