Wandyr the Bloodthirsty

This was a commission piece, hence the irregular sized/shaped display base. I used a more sombre, twilight colour scheme as befits the drunes from the blacks woods. I tried the bronze armour for something different and to add some interest (hopefully), as bronze is a less commonly painted metal, and the dark brown suited the natural forest colours. Wandyr was an enjoyable and pleasant miniature to paint, I hope you like it!

Posted: 2 Mar 2006

9.1 /10 (117 Votes) 3.0k Views

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Excellent! May I ask who makes that miniature?
15 Feb 2013 • Vote: 9
green stuff
9.5 : The painting technic is excellent as usual (great bronze). The base is well thought out and has neat little details. However, the whole scene looks like it's in broad daylight (not that there's anything wrong with that). I think it comes from the fact that the wood has more grey tones then red, green, and brown tones. The rocks might have used some additional highlights on the edges to make them look sharper and more menacing. The axe blade is beautiful, but maybe a bit too "out of the store" for the character of Wandyr. I wonder if a dark background would have been more suiting for this mini (just a thought)?
6 Mar 2006 • Vote: 9
because the black woods is a dark place with little sunlight.
5 Mar 2006 • Vote: 10
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