Death Guard Marine

This is a less serious miniature I did for a bit of fun, and for something completely different to what I have been painting recently. I based the armour colours on cyril's tutorial for his 2003 french daemon winner nurgle marine. The model I used is one of the old 'plague marine champion' miniatures, although I made some additions/conversions etc. to try to make it a bit more exciting.

Posted: 14 Apr 2006

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i saw this in Sydney GW and it was so awesome. I looked at it for so long! You are such a smooth painter. inspiring work.
3 May 2006
This Mini is great Sebastian. Nice sutble changes to the mini are cool, like the horns and the arm conversion. I'm glad to have the privlage to look at this mini at work, whenever I want! Awsome mini, Awsome Artist!
1 May 2006 • Vote: 10
fantastic model!
20 Apr 2006
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