Royal Guard of Alahan

Hello again, this is one I painted for a miniature exchange with Deucalion S - what an honour it is for me to exchange minis with such an amazing painter! Although the model itself is meant to be a statue, I decided to follow tortoise's lead and paint it as a real royal guard, and incorporate the plinth into the base. The painting was a bit of an experiment - firstly, I used white undercoat whereas I normally use black; and second, this was the first time I had tried large areas of NMM gold. There are pics and a short write-up wth colours used etc. on my site, if you are interested, here: -sebastian

Posted: 17 May 2006

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WOWWW!! What amazing green-gold. And the sword's blade it's, it's, it's .... (we need some new words for minis like this one)
21 Aug 2006 • Vote: 10
So sweet, but you really are cruel to do one and make it nicer than mine (sobs)
24 May 2006
Thank you for the kind comments everyone, I greatly appreciate it. -sebastian
21 May 2006
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