Fabius Bile

Here is an old GW classic - Fabius Bile. I painted this one as a commission job. I know that he is meant to be Emperor's Children, rather than Death Guard, but I was instructed to paint him so that he would fit in with a Plague Marine army. And same with the base size - a 40mm base was requested! The base is from Micro Art Studio, with a bit of sand on top, and a marine head added to give a more 40k atmosphere. Those bright greens were achieved with an ancient GW paint I have, called bilious green - anyone remember it? It's from back when the paints were in the circular containers with the white lids, and the 'citadel colour' label. Such a bright green, it's almost fluorescent! There are more pics - also a bit bigger and better quality - on my site: just click the link above! I hope you like it! -sebastian

Posted: 20 Jul 2006

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Kicks all kinds of butt B)
17 Oct 2006 • Vote: 10
Hi again Sebastian! Love the palid tones, and great base, regards.
30 Jul 2006 • Vote: 10
Nice job. The face and leather are superbly painted.
29 Jul 2006
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