Death Guard 2

Here is another old plague marine that I painted for some fun, and to try out a few new things. The old plague marine models are so great, they have a really good feeling about them - a good personality or something. The idea is of course inspired by Allan C; I love the atmosphere he creates with his miniatures! I thought it would be fun to try a darker colour scheme with this one, after the bright yellow colours of the first, and to try to create a darker atmosphere also. A sort of toxic, polluted wasteland is the environment in which I always imagine the death guard. Well, I hope you like it! There are some slightly better quality and larger pics, and also some more angles/views, on my site.

Posted: 7 Aug 2006

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Amazing! Fantastic blends
7 Sep 2006
How can i say? Every time I wait anxiously a new mini of your, and every time you publish a new work, it totally struck me... you're very near to perfection and one of the most incredible painter! :) Congratulation!!! ;)
27 Aug 2006
Wow.. Its all good but my favorite part is the bubly chemicals in the tubes, excellent job!
17 Aug 2006
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