Naked girl 3

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Posted: 13 Sep 2006

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Alek No 1
Hello to everyone ! At the begining I want to apologize for poor quality of my pictures . I want to explain one thing : I didn’t use gloss varnish on skin and hair this gloss shine was caused during watching miniatures by viewers . They were polish in their hands . I know its stupid but its true . I used gloss varnish only in one case : I use it on shoes this girl with helmet and ball . Thank you for all comments :)
14 Sep 2006
I think Klute's right about you being dinged for the glossy shine, most voters really hate that, and it can make it more difficult to see the level of highlights and such that have been painted on, but in this case your skillful brush work 'shines' through. The skin is lovely, and the bone and metal areas look great, too! Maybe a few higher highlights for reflection spots on the hair, kind of like what the gloss is doing but with paint. And larger pictures so we can admire her more easily!
14 Sep 2006 • Vote: 8
Please, please, please get rid of the gloss varnish. This is a beautiful figure and well worth an 8. You are being down marked becuase of the varnish. Lovely rich colours.
14 Sep 2006 • Vote: 10
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