Elise the witch

Just another mini

Posted: 29 Oct 2006

8.1 /10 (81 Votes) 2.6k Views

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(8.5) Wonderful job on the makeup, you've really 'witched her up' a bit from most of the versions I've seen of her. I really love the shiny look your highlighting has given the stockings. Good hair reflections, also. The pumpkin is a weak point to my mind, the colour you've used to shad it has had kind of a muddy result.
31 Oct 2006 • Vote: 9
Great work, I just wish the pumpkin was a bit more orange, she still looks great though
31 Oct 2006 • Vote: 9
Ian Newbold
Wicked!!! Love that look you've put on her face.
30 Oct 2006 • Vote: 9

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